The ROUSH® Road Crew™ is proud to partner with several companies that are leaders in their respective fields. We urge you to support these businesses, and thank them for their affiliation with our club. Mustangs is a leading news site for all things Mustang, and a great supporter of ROUSH® vehicles and parts. Mustangs was a primary sponsor of the April 2010 VIP Tour of the Warner Brothers film studios in Burbank, Calif.

As “The Official Tire of ROUSH® Performance,” Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has their products on nearly every ROUSH® vehicle that is built. Engineers from both Cooper and ROUSH® worked together to develop the Cooper Zeon RS3 tire, the best performance tire on the market for Mustangs. The tire’s “race inspired” construction includes an R-Tech Technology mold profile and silica tread compound. R-Tech optimizes the contact patch geometry to provide excellent responsiveness and maximum cornering forces, while the silica tread enhances grip for dry limit handling and maintains an exceptional level of wet performance, making it well suited for both high-performance applications and street driving.

Hooked On Driving is the authorized driving school of ROUSH® Performance and holds events across the country. They are a leading provider of performance driving programs, commonly known as a high performance driving experience (HPDE), or high performance driving school (HPDS). During the first sessions a coach will ride in the passenger seat, and teach the driver high performance driving techniques. A priority is placed on learning basic car control skills such as late braking, proper shifting and understanding the concept of the apex of a turn. Hooked on Driving HPDE Programs are safe experiences for all, an enjoyable time for every driver – and assures that participants come away with much more confidence in handling their car.

ROUSH® Automotive Collection is often simply referred to as the “Museum” and houses more than 115 of Jack’s personal vehicles, prototype cars, historical race cars and other items related to his history.

ROUSH® Performance needs no introduction. This is the House of Horsepower where the ROUSH® vehicles are designed and assembled, as well as the complete line of parts available to improve the styling, handling, and performance.