Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get at the ROUSH® Road Crew™:

What is the ROUSH Road Crew?
This is the official club of ROUSH® Performance for fans of the vehicles and parts the company offers. The ROUSH® Road Crew is a club for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, and filled with enthusiastic people. We host a variety of events around the country.

Do you have to own a ROUSH vehicle to be a member?
Absolutely not! Membership is open to anyone who shares a passion for the ROUSH vehicles and parts lineup, whether they are a current owner or a “someday” dreamer.

What is the annual fee?
Membership for the ROUSH Road Crew has an annual fee of $35 (USD). This comes with several benefits such as a membership kit, discounts, access to events and the RRC Forum.

How do I join?
The ROUSH Road Crew Registration Form can be downloaded from the Membership page. Fill it out (completely please), send it back with your payment, and you’re in!

What type of events do you do?
No matter what you like to do – hang out at a car show, cruise the roads, drive hard on the racetrack, participate in exciting member-only events, or chat on the web – the ROUSH Road Crew will fuel your passion while in the company of like-minded people.

Do I have to be a member to participate in an event?
Yes, at least one member of your family must be an active ROUSH Road Crew member in order to enjoy the club functions.

Do I have to bring my car to an event?
No, just bring your enthusiasm, willingness to meet new friends, and ability to have fun. No matter where you live, members are always welcome to participate in any RRC activity so don’t let distance inhibit you from attending.

Can I meet Jack Roush?
Absolutely! Jack makes several appearances each year at ROUSH dealerships and he is happy to sign autographs and take photos. There is no charge to attend. Check out the Event Calendar and Registration page for the schedule of his upcoming appearances.

Why can’t I join the forum?
You must be a paid member of the ROUSH Road Crew to participate in the forums. Once registered with the club, you will receive an e-mail with your membership number, forum user name and initial password to use in the forums.

Can I change my forum user name?
Sorry, no. By using your membership number as your forum user name we are enabling both accountability but also some anonymity. This was intentionally done to head off any type of personal attacks since people can see which member number was used to post, but allows the user to shield their personal identity if they choose since only the RRC staff has a list of club members.

Is this the same club as the ROEA?
No, the ROUSH Owners and Enthusiasts Association (ROEA) is a completely separate club for ROUSH enthusiasts, but they no longer have an official affiliation with ROUSH Performance.